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We're delighted to operate in the Hudson Valley as one of the first hemp farms in New York State with an Adult-Use Conditional Cultivator License. Fresh, always in market, proprietary two step curing process.


Our Cultivation Philosophy

Leveraging our award-winning expertise in hemp cultivation, we grow exceptional, high-grade cannabis. By growing in small batches we’re able to deliver a number of varietals to market, ensuring our consumers can find the exact cannabinoid profile they’re looking for to match their individual needs.


We are fully green-house grown which allows us to exercise full control over temperature, light, water, humidity, nutrients, and CO2. Our organic practices ensure pesticide and heavy metal-free cultivation. The end result is something you feel from the first hit, and enjoy throughout your session. 

Illustration of cannabis plant
Aerial view of Aeterna greenhouse
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Our Farming Practices

With a relentless dedication to quality and a unique mixed light set-up, we are able to maintain year-round growth, cultivating flower 4-5 times annually. By utilizing proprietary phenotype-hunting techniques, we are able to deliver a wide variety of strains to meet your emotional, mental and physical needs.


Every bag of Aeterna is done by hand, so you get the highest quality experience from the moment our clones go in the ground to the moment you open your product, it has been cared for by the Aeterna team. Consistency in quality is our primary concern.

Aerial view of Hudson Valley farm
Close up of cannabis plant
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